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Four Day Weekend tells all in new "Happy Accidents" book

The founders of Four Day Weekend detail their favorite stories with some business sense in the new "Happy Accidents: The Transformative Power of "Yes, And" at Work and in Life." (Photo submitted by Four Day Weekend) 

What started as an improv comedy show has become serious business for Four Day Weekend in Fort Worth. Over two decades, the group has traveled the world for corporate events, performing for U.S. presidents and deployed troops.

They’re brand of humor and business sense has made them sought after celebrities with a wealth of stories to tell.

The three founding members have assembled some of the best stories into a new book called Happy Accidents: The Transformative Power of “Yes, And” at Work and in Life.

The “Yes, And” philosophy is the backbone of Four Day Weekend’s improv show. It’s meant to show that there’s no right or wrong answer and people shouldn’t be judged for their ideas. They take random ideas from the crowd and build their show off that so it’s always new and different.

“That show exists only for that hour and a half,” said David Wilk, CEO and co-founder of Four Day Weekend. “We create something that’s magical and will never be repeated. That’s the secret to our success because people come back over and over and over.”

Four Day Weekend has its home performances at their theater, 312 Houston Street in Fort Worth.

It works so well, they’ve brought it to the business world, doing improv shows for Southwest Airlines, Alcon and other corporations.

Wilk collaborated with David Ahearn and Frank Ford to write the book, talking about the various experiences they’ve had. The group started as comedians but quickly found themselves running a business.

“My favorite part was the trip down memory lane,” Wilk said. “We went all the way back to how we formed the group. It’s three guys from Fort Worth who had $700 bucks each.”

That they were able to make this into a worldwide phenomenon with a positive message is the happy accident.

One of their favorite stories was about the time a large company tried to buy out Four Day Weekend. They balked at the low offer but made the most of it by getting a positive magazine article. The exposure got them a keynote address in front of U.S. Congress, the chance to meet the President of the United States and perform for the armed forces.  

Happy Accidents will be available in bookstores and online nationwide in September. It will be published by John Wiley and Sons.

While they have a nice core group of followers in Fort Worth, they expect strong sales nationwide thanks to their corporate travel.

“We are somewhere every week all over the globe, teaching ‘Yes, And,’” Wilk said.

July 25, 2017 - 3:43pm